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January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018

Terry Beem♫   In honor of Mary Hilmer
Jan Bergman♫   
In honor of Allan Bergman's "Big" Birthday
Jan Bergman♫   In honor of Dr. Wilbert Watkins, Mady Fern, & Melinda Harris
Rosemary Bergman In honor of Jan Bergman and in memory of Jean Pastena
Amy Bernstein   In memory of Dorothy Bernstein
Beth Bollenbach   
In honor of Love:  
"Where words leave off, music begins" -Heine
Glen and Darlene Brin In honor of Diane Gluskin 
Jeanne Busch♫   In memory of Bernice, Donna and Dorothy; in honor of Martie, Melinda, Robin, Kathleen, Kitty and SO many more.  
Norman Clearfield
Susan E. Cohen & Jerrold Carl  In memory of Donna Retter
Thressa Connor
Susie and Frank D'Alessandro
Cathy Dillon   In honor of Robin Akers 
Bonnie Dobkin

Patricia Egebrecht  In honor of all breast cancer survivors.

Mady Fern ♫   In honor of Wilbert Watkins, Joan Hutchinson and STL
Margaret Gerber/Heather LipscherIn honor Mady Fern, In memory of Joel Axelrad
Kevin Glover 
Ellen and Jeff Gluskin  In honor of Diane Gluskin 
Matt Greenberg
Arlene Harris
Melinda Harris  In memory of Donna Retter

Dean Harvalis♫  In memory of Penny Harvalis
Barbara Hausman
Andrea Heiger
Renee and Wayne Hochberg in honor of Melinda Harris
Martha Houston In honor of Lisa Brooks and Fae Hoffman
Joan Hutchinson
Nancy Johnson
Jean Kalseth♫ In honor of Sing to Live Community Chorus
Judith Litt
Fowzla Kelty   In honor of Sing to Live Community Chorus
Susan Kelty   In honor of Karen Kalther, In memory of Julie Dillon
Ken Koolkin
Linda Krier  In honor of Melinda Harris
Hedy Lachman   In honor of Melinda Harris and Ron Harris
Mary Leger♫   In memory of Donna Retter
Jill Maling♫  In memory of my mother, Beverly Fuente
Sue Mathews   In memory of Janet Mathews  

Kathleen McCabe
Dianne Michael
Judy Presta In honor of my Brave and Beautiful Mother, Arlene.
Rex Reeve   In honor of Robin Akers
Mary Weller-Rice/Gayle Heinz
Joanne Rosenbush
Harriet and Burt Siebert   In honor of Melinda Harris
Sing to Live ® Community Chorus ♫  In memory with love of Donna Retter
Susan Stearns
Susan Vonachen   In honor of Joanne Rosenbush
Delena Wilkerson In memory of Rev. Gennell Wilkerson
JoAnn Worthy
Susan Zoline (in honor of Naomi Kraft)
Alisa Zucker In honor of Diane Gluskin 

♫ = Sing to Live Community Chorus Member

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