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About Sing to Live®


OUR MISSION:  The mission of the  Sing to Live® Community Chorus is to provide an musical outlet that celebrates hope and survival with spiritual, emotional and physical benefits for singers whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.   

HOW IT BEGAN:  The Sing to Live® Community Chorus was created by Chicagoan Melinda Harris in 2005 to bring the joy of singing and fellowship to those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

It began with a quest. Following her treatment for the illness, Harris sought a support group that not only shared her journey, but to also could bring her the sense of camaraderie, exuberance, and self-confidence she had found as a singer in several choruses. Unable to find a musical outlet, she started her own.

She incorporated Sing to Live® as a nonprofit and brought on board Dr. Wilbert Watkins, a renowned musical director and conductor whose twin sister is a breast cancer survivor. Together, they embarked on a mission to find singers -- both men and women -- who were breast cancer survivors or had imediate family members or friends with the disease.

Since 2005, the Sing to Live® Community Chorus has grown to over 80 singers who  enjoy friendship, harmony, and support in weekly rehearsals (the chorus takes the summer off) and perform concerts two times a year in Oak Park and Glenview. Harris' instinct has proved true: The shared and unique experience of breast cancer, combined with the therapeutic power of music, has created for singers a strong sense of family and renewed spirit, which is apparent and appreciated by enthusiastic audiences.

To further celebrate it's message of support, fellowship, and pride, Sing to Live® offers breast cancer survivors complimentary concert tickets. And, to fully realize Harris' dream, the chorus continues to grow and welcome singers, both men and women, who are in tune with its inspirational mission.


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