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Pat Walther

"The people in the group are very friendly, welcoming and always willing to help on any question! My only choral singing experience was high school, which was many years ago. The director is superb and I have learned so much about becoming a better singer."
Pat Walter, Alto

Jill Maling

"Singing with Sing To Live® is a balm for the soul. Musically, the chorus is of top notch quality, and working under the direction of Dr. Wilbert Watkins is a joy and a privilege. I love the feeling of family we share with one another. I love the support we are able to give to each other. I'm grateful that Melinda Pollack- Harris had the vision to start such a unique organization, and I'm so glad to be a part of it!"
Jill Maling, Soprano

Donna Retter

"I have been a part of musical groups my whole life - church choirs, college choirs, band, etc. - and I have never been impacted by those experiences as much as my involvement with Sing to Live® has impacted me. I am so grateful as a breast cancer survivor to have a musical outlet, but not only that, it's a musical outlet wherein I am surrounded by fellow survivors and others who have been affected by breast cancer. These people GET me! Even if we don't get a chance to talk much or get to know each other on a deep level, we still connect because we have walked a similar path. We are fighters and we are persevering one day at a time. Music is a universal language that allows us to communicate our deepest fears, hopes and dreams. I'm so grateful for Melinda - that she had this vision and followed through on it, and for Wilbert, who puts in countless hours to teach us music and make us better singers. I'm so glad I found this choir, because trust me, it's not just a choir. This choir is a community."
Donna Retter, Alto

Helen Gualtieri

"STL is family. It is a very uplifting part of my life. I sing for my "sisters" who have gone on, and with those who are survivors. STL helps me to survive many of life's challenges. Wilbert and Melinda are very inspirational. Wilbert is a passionate and extremely talented conductor, artist and musician."
Helen Gualtieri, Alto

David Zverow

"I love singing, have enjoyed friendships made in the group. Had a chance to sing some glorious music over the years, old and new."
David Zverow, Bass