History of Sing to Live®

Sing to Live® Community Chorus: The Beginning

By Melinda Pollack-Harris
Founder and Executive Director

Ms. Pollack-Harris has sung in community choruses for many years and found great joy from these and other musical experiences. She believes that music can provide a source of comfort and healing for people touched by adversity. With this, the idea for a community chorus created especially for a group of very special people—those touched by breast cancer—was born.August 10, 2004 was the day my life was redirected. It was the day I was told abnormal cells were found in a recent biopsy. I was told I needed surgery and radiation treatments. It wasn’t until radiation was mentioned that I asked the radiologist, "Is this breast cancer?"  She said, “I’m afraid so. She quickly proceeded to tell me that the cancer was found very early, the tumor very small and if anyone were to get breast cancer, the type I have is the ‘best’ kind to have. She also said that while this is difficult news, it should prove to be a ‘blip’ in my life.

As my journey as a breast cancer patient began, I sought out others that had experienced or were experiencing what I was going through. While I had unlimited support from family, friends and work, there’s nothing like talking to someone who’s been there so I sought out support groups. I found that these support groups offer wonderful programs that provide cancer patients and survivors a welcomed distraction. What I found glaringly missing, for me, was an interactive musical outlet. I was very surprised to see this type of activity missing since music is such a healing activity. I did some further research on a variety of support groups and found there were, in fact, no interactive musical offerings available. So, to fill this void I decided to start a chorus myself. I spoke with family and friends about “this idea I have” and received a lot of encouragement. The Sing to Live® Community Chorus was born.

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