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Aux Sable Liquid Products

Graham Holdings

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

JPMorgan Chase

McGrath Acura of Westmont

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2015-2016 $10 (or more!) to Celebrate Our 10th Anniversary


 Robin Akers

 Patricia Carson

 Susi D'alessandro

 Harriet Dart

 Donald & Margaret Donahue

♫ Cynthia Early

♫ Marilyn Engstrom

♫ Jeni Fabian

♫ Mady Fern

George and ♫ Judith Fitchett 

Dr. Sandy Goldberg

♫ Barbara Hausman

♫ Alan Hofstader

♫ Jerry Hills

 Martha Houston

♫ Joanne Kalnitz

Sharon Krohn

Moshe and Hudi Lachman

Kirsten and Ray Majeski

 Jill Maling

♫ Annette Martin

♫ Jane McCarty

♫ Dianne Michael

 Nancy Miller

Susi Moglowsky

Sheila O'Brien and Wayne Andersen (Sending love and support to the wonderful people at Sing to Live!)

♫ Joanne Rosenbush

Janet Sanzo

♫ Dina Schenk

♫ Shari Sommers

 John and  Bess Schulmeister

Howard Skolnik

Peter & Lisa Stueckemann

♫ Pat Walter

 Laurie Weissler


♫ = Sing to Live Community Chorus




2014-2015 BUY-A-BEAT Supporters

Rebecca Adler

 Robin Akers

Jeanne Akers (In Honor of ♫ Robin Aker)

Beverly Arch - To Honor ♫ Kathleen Lojas, the lyricist, from her mom

Aux Sable Liquid Products

Rita Corley Baker 

 ♫ Terry Beem

Amy Bernstein

Don and Cara Boct

Beth Bollenbach, LCSW

Linda Caradine

Brent and Ann Carstensen 

Carol Conboy

Ken Cooke  

Corky Corley  

Richard Dallett

  Harriet Dart  

♫ Donald & Margaret Donahue

♫ Ellen Duff

♫ Cynthia Early

Donald and Elizabeth Eisenhauer

 The  Fabian and  Lojas Families - In honor of ♫ Kathleen Lojas' birthday

♫ Madeline Fern

 Judy Fitchett 

Mara Fox

Robyn Gabel

 Jeri Garcia

Albert and Caroline Guay

 Ken Koolkin

 Kevin Glover

Corinne Goldman  (In Honor of ♫ Ron Harris and ♫ Melinda Pollack-Harris) 

Laura Harris

♫ Barbara Hausman

♫ Dean Harvalis

♫ Kristen Herther

David Hertzig

 Jerry Hills

♫ Alan and Lynn Hoffstadter

Mary Ippolito

Gerald and Barbara Israelite (In Honor of ♫ Melinda Pollack-Harris)

Therese Jirasek

Darrell Katz 

Elizabeth Kestler  

Krystyna Kiel, MD

Phil and Robin Klum

S.E. Kravis

Linda Krier

Moshe and Hudi Lachman

Hedy Lachman (In Honor of  Melinda Pollack-Harris and  Ron Harris)

♫ Leslie Lauderdale

William and Sharon Lear

♫ Mary Leger

Leon and Bonnie Lindenbaum (in Memory of Lori Lindenbaum Phillips and Gerry Weinberg)

 Jill Maling

Anne Malloy Tucker (In Honor of her Mother)

John and Ruth Martin

 Nancy Miller

Susi Moglowsky

♫ Ann Morris

Lorraine Owles - In honor of ♫ Joanne Rosenbush

Arlene Penaflorida

Gregory Phillips

♫ Melinda Pollack-Harris

Ninette Rabins

Georgeann Ratko

Kathleen Regan

Fred and ♫ Donna Retter

♫ Joanne Rosenbush (In Memory of Alice Lachmann)

Burt and Harriet Seibert (In Honor of ♫ Melinda Pollack-Harris)

Amy, Todd, Ian & Aidan Sherman (In honor of ♫ Melinda Pollack-Harris). You "beat out" cancer in such a big, giving, unbelievable way!)

David &  Kayla Shonberg

♫ John and ♫ Bess Schulmeister

Patricia Skinner (In honor of ♫ Joanne Rosenbush)

Howard Skolnik

♫  STL NORTH SHORE ALTOS (Ann Morris, Chris Stukel, Cynthia Early, Dianne Michael, Dee Simpson,  Heidi Keller, June Morrow, Kayla Shonberg, Mady Fern, Merle Shapera, Nan Martin, Pat Walter, Toni Balthazor, Susan E. Cohen, Susie D'Alessandro, Terry Beem, Vada Wood)

♫  STL CENTRAL ALTOS (Annette Lenzi Martin, Barbara Hausman, Bess Shulmeister, Carol Bolt, Dawn Wolfe,Deb Clause,Ellen Duff, Helen Gualtieri, Janet McLean, Jerry Hills,Joanne Rosenbush, Kitty Shanahan, Kristen Herther, Laurel Ross,Leslie Lauderdale, Louise Handel, MaDonna Thelan, Martha Houston, Mary Altenbaumer,Nancy Miller, Pat Carson )

♫  STL TENORS (Brad Behrens, Dan Rogers, Dean Harvalis, Greg Colombe, Kevin Glover, Lionel Smith, Ron Harris, Tim Quinn) 

Roni Strassman

Peter & Lisa Stueckemann

Karen M. Terrara

Elizabeth L. Thelen

Barbara Thomas

Terry Tennes

Susan Vonachen (In honor of Joanne Rosenbush)

Carole Wald

♫ Dr. Wilbert O. Watkins

Steven and Kelly Wetoska

♫ Dawn Wolfe

♫ Vada Wood

♫ Joyce Yang

Sue Young (In loving Memory of all my friends who have passed; In Tribute to those friends who have survived the breast cancer battle; in Celebration of 25 years being cancer-free after undergoing a double mastectomy in 1999.)  


= Sing to Live Community Chorus




Luanne Adamus (In Memory of Debra E. Lang)

Neringa Aleknaviciene

George Arroyo

Artemis Singers (In Honor of Ann Morris) 

Brian and Carol Bell

Priscilla Bradley

Sheldon Brody (In Honor of  Melinda Pollack-Harris and  Ron Harris) 

Pamela Butterfield

Stephen and Patricia Carlson

Esther Carrera

Charles Carter

A. J. Chandler (In Honor of Joanne Rosenbush) 

Ruth Clark

Jeffrey Cobb

Vienna Colucci (In Honor of Janet Maclean)

Nan and Richard Conser

Linda Coon

Rita Corely-Baker

Sylvia Corcoroan

Janelle Davis

Deborah Dean

♫ Ryan Eikmeier

Mary Jo Gagnon

Zola Garcia

Homi Ghandi (In Honor of Mani Rao)

♫ Kevin Glover

Colleen Hagen

Arlene Harris

David and Paula Harris

Nick Harvalis

Harriet Hausman

Jack Hedquist (In Honor of Diana Patatucci)

Gail Heinz

Bertha Huerta (In Honor of Joanne Rosenbush)

Jean Hughes

Blanche Hurt

Judith Huse

George Jameson (In Honor of Kristie Lewis)

Therese Jirasek (In Honor of Joanne Rosenbush)

Kathleen Johnson  

Wendy and Darrell Katz (In Honor of Carole Wald)

Amy Keller

Judith Klarfeld

Lynne Kleiman

Edith Kraemer (In Honor of ♫ Jim Rostenberg)

S.E and A.B Kravis

Terry Lesser (In Honor of  Pat Carson)  

William and Diane Lloyd (In Honor of Terry Beem)

Brian Manning

Maurice Manning (In Honor of Deirdre Manning)

Susan Massey

Kathleen McSpadden

Gary Misner

Beth Najberg

The Networking Group

Robyn Norman

David Pawlowski

Ann Pfister

Suzanne Pierce (In Honor of Patricia Walter)

Lois Price

Carol Ann Raso

Richard M. Reardon

Kathleen Regan

Mark Rosenbush (In Honor of ♫ Joanne Rosenbush)

Barbara Schultz

Amy Schuman

Mark Sharkow

Richard and Alma Shure

Patricia Skinner (In Honor of Joanne Rosenbush)

Claudine Skucius

Sherri Smith

Dawn M. Spiewak

Stuart Strong

Anita Targonski

MaDonna Thelen (In Loving Memory of Carol Artery, OP)

Martha Thompson (In Honor of ♫ Ann Morris and ♫ Vada Woods)

Margaret Tormey (In Memory of Deb Clause's Mother)

John and Arla Unwin

Elizabeth Vargus

Susan Vonachen (In honor of Joanne Rosenbush)

Grace Wald

Elizabeth Walter (In Honor of Todd Bowen and Lionel Smith)

 Mary Weller-Rice

Maryann Wetoska

Drenda Wiley

Delana Wilkerson

Ed Wormser

Allison Yarrow

Stephanie Yeager 


♫ = Sing to Live Community Chorus Member


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